JIC School offers the customers variety of Japanese, for example, Japanese Language, Japanese Culture, Japanese Life, Japanese Thought, and so on.


We offer our program by Immersion, which you can learn Japan in Japanese Language. You learn Japanese in Japanese Language through try and error by yourself.


We support your problem of communication seriously.

What's JIC School?


Heart International Co. Ltd. established JIC School.

JIC School is a school which contribute to education of communication. We hope that our customers do their best for the world peace.


Heart International Co. Ltd. is a company which contribute and creative the world peace.

The company support JIC Leaders who get immersion skills.

JIC Leaders get immersion skills to facilitate Japanese Language and Culture for their customers.


Road to the world peace

1. We educate JIC Leaders who contribute to make the world peace by Japanese language and Japanese Culture.

2. The world peace for the people who worry about their lives but they would like to change the lives by themselves.

Heart International declares this 2 steps and we would like to contribute the world peace.


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